As the cold weather ushers in snow, ice, and wind, you might take fewer walks outside with your baby and generally hang out inside more and more. But just because the winter weather keeps you inside doesn’t mean there aren’t many fun and stimulating indoor activities you can do with your baby. Here are five easy activities to have fun with your little one all winter long.

Indoor Sensory Tummy Time

Most parents know about tummy time. Simply lay one of your muslin or outdoor blankets down in the living room to create a soft and safe play mat. But this tummy time can be filled with activities that excite your baby’s senses. You can present some fresh herbs like rosemary or basil on a tray in front of your baby to help stimulate their sense of smell. Fill up a resealable plastic bag with water and ice so they can familiarize themselves with the cold sensation. Another great idea is to tie a helium balloon to one or both of their ankles. This creates a fun little game of kicking the balloon and helps develop your baby’s leg muscles.

Daily or Nightly Storytime

There is no doubt that reading to your little one early on is a good thing and could be a part of their overall development. So, set aside some daily storytime into your routine and curl up with a cozy muslin swaddle to settle in for a story. This is also a great activity to introduce just before naptime or bedtime to get your baby relaxed and ready for dreamland.

Create Sensory Water Bags

Do you know all those tiny items that your baby is obsessed with putting in their mouth? Well, this option allows your baby to explore those little objects in a safe way. Just put those small items like buttons, peas, straws, or anything you can think of into a sealable bag with water. They can touch and explore to their heart’s desire without any danger.

Bubble Baths

Bubble baths are such an underrated time for exploration. Whether you’re bathing your little one in the bathtub or the sink, add some baby-safe bubble bath so they can explore the sensation of the bubbles. Many bubble bath soaps are also scented, which can help stimulate your baby’s sense of smell. Just be ready with warm hooded towels for afterward, and let your little one sit back and have some fun under your supervision.

A Walkthrough Home Tour

This fun little activity is a great way to introduce everyday objects to your baby. Just carry them from room to room and let them touch and look at all the different environments that make up your home. This is an excellent way to introduce different textures to your baby in a safe and supervised manner.

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